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Resilient Birch Plywood Products for Flooring and Dieboards

Aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound, Russian Birch plywood is known for its light color, excellent strength, and affordable price. At RPL International we offer a number of different plywood products and grades, each rated for different applications around the home, like floorboards, or office. We have Russian Birch plywood available in multiple thicknesses between 3 mm and 40 mm. Size formats include:

Plywood Sizing:
• 5'x5' • 4'x8' • 8'x4' • 5'x8' • 10'x5' •

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Plywood Categories

When it comes to finding the right grade of plywood to get the job done, we carry a variety of wood grades to ensure you have the best type for your project. Our furniture-grade plywood is suitable for UV coating to protect against fading over time, while the flooring-grade as a substrate for engineered floor manufacturing with exterior glue. We have platform plywood for veneer and high-pressure laminate layups. If you are in the laser die industry, our multi-ply solid birch dieboards have tight tolerances. We also offer multi-ply sound faced birch underlayment plywood for vinyl and tile installation in your home or commercial application.

Brands and Pricing

Whether you are a manufacturer or distributor of Russian or Baltic Birch plywood, you'll find in our inventory durable, highest-quality plywood at cost-effective prices. As the oldest trading partners of wood products from Russia, we know which Russian mills produce the best quality plywood. This lets us sell you an exceptional product at competitive prices.